View some of Hawaii’s hidden treasures and graffiti spots.


Spitting Caves, located around the bend from the famous China Walls, is a jump-off spot for thrillists. It is a gorgeous view, situated in the middle of the ocean.

Diamond Head Grafitti Pit

We first spotted the Grafitti PitĀ from atop the Diamond Head hike, and wondered how we would get there. After much zigzagging through neighborhoods, and looking for a particular sign, we were able to hike to this modern day graffiti ruin.  

Waimanalo Reservoir

The Waimanalo Reservoir was once an illegal water slide and local watering hole in the summertime. The reservoir has since been filled, but it’s still worth a peek!

Crawford’s Convalescent Home

Crawford’s Convalescent Home was a former reform school for boys that has since been abandoned, and is now a place for graffiti artists to showcase their skills.

Maunawili Bridge

Located just past the Maunawili Falls, this Indiana Jones bridge has long since rusted.

Omega Station

Once a watchtower for army guards, now a secret hit up spot for graffiti artists and hikers.    

Cockroach Cove

Just past the famous Halona Blowhole, this private beach fills up on a hot day.